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Global Brands

  • Technical performance activewear stretch knits

  • CMT or full package 

  • Flexible, demand-driven speed lines

  • Cut + sew and sew-free construction

  • Made in US and Berry Compliant production

  • FLA audited

Emerging Brands

  • First-come-first-serve flex line

  • Development including pattern work + prototyping

  • CM or CMT production

  • MOQ of 1,000. Minimum color quantity of 250

Advanced Concepts & Wearable Integration

  • Advanced concept through production 

  • Design concepts and applications, rapid prototyping, DFM, pilot, and production at scale.

  • Military, medical, and consumer technologies

  • Sensors, robotics, lights, heaters, electronics,          bio-mechanical innovations and other bold ideas.

  • Cut + sew and sew-free construction


  • We extend wrap-around development services to our production partners.


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