YOUR FUTURE


  • You provide a tech pack. We make patterns, grade, and prototype.

  • We extend wrap-around development services to our production partner brands.

  • We offer sourcing, product testing, tech design, and DFM support, as needed.  

  • You provide a tech pack.

  • We develop + produce in the US on speed lines designed for fast-turn, demand-driven production. 

  • We make technical performance activewear, with a focus on stretch knits, for some of the world's most forward-thinking global and emerging brands.

  • You provide the tech or challenge.

  • We conceptualize solutions, prototype, DFM, test, pilot, and produce at scale. 

  • We integrate medical, military and consumer technologies primarily into performance activewear.

  • We solve the challenges unique to tech-integrated apparel.


The future is made here.

We make technical performance activewear in the US because speed and agility are no longer optional

We integrate wearable technologies because connected garments are the future

We are putting innovation to work to create great jobs, stronger cities,

and a dynamic and diverse innovation economy


Growing up in my family's small manufacturing company, I had a front row seat as US factories closed and apparel moved offshore. In 2013, I launched 99Degrees with two sewing machines and a vision to bring it back. Today, our team of 100+ makers produce technical activewear and wearable technologies for the some of world's most forward-thinking global and emerging brands. The apparel industry is changing rapidly. Demand for unprecedented speed, the emerging wearable tech market, advancements in automation, and the growth of apparel e-commerce enable us to scale as we shift US apparel manufacturing toward its future. It's an exciting time to be making apparel in the US.



Brenna Nan Schneider, Founder + CEO






HQ + Mailing 

360 Merrimack Street

Building 9 / Entrance I / Ste. 132

Lawrence MA 01843

(1st Floor. Across from Tallman Eye)

Shipping + Freight

360 Merrimack Street

Entrance J / Loading Dock #5

Lawrence MA 01843

Tel: 978-655-3362