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Sewing Machine Operator


99Custom is a sports and activewear apparel manufacturer, based in Lawrence Massachusetts. We work with leading and emerging brands to produce using the latest technologies to transform apparel manufacturing into an advanced manufacturing industry.



At 99Custom, we value problem solving, continuous learning and improvement, and mutual respect. We are committed to advancement and empowerment at every level of our company. We are proud to be a diverse and multi-lingual, multi-cultural team that brings together apparel expertise from all corners of the globe to advance US manufacturing innovation. We work with an “it’s possible” attitude and a commitment to excellence.


An ideal candidate is goal-oriented, pays attention to quality and detail, is eager to develop new skills and areas of expertise, and works successfully as part of a production team.




  • Responsible for operating a number of industrial sewing and bonding machines including, but not limited to, single needle, merrow, coverstitch, and flatlock machines.

  • Adjusts machine settings as instructed, including thread tension and stitch length regulator, threads machines, and performs daily machine care as instructed.

  • Handles machines safely with control and with fingers away from the needle at all times.

  • Sews according to precise measurements and specifications.


  • Maintains highest quality standards. Inspects own work as well as teammate’s work before passing onto next operation

  • Can read measurements and measure work using the US/Imperial measurement system.

  • Take key measurements to ensure that sewing is within specified tolerances.

  • Trims threads before passing onto next operation

  • Alerts Production Supervisor immediately when a quality issue is identified or if there are any questions related to quality.

  • Works at a production pace with an openness to learning new and improved handling and machine control techniques to maximize speed and efficiencies


  • Operate machines in accordance with safety policies and instructions.

  • Alerts Production Supervisor immediately to any machine safety hazards, machine or tool breakages,

  • Sits and stands in an ergonomically correct posture to reduce fatigue and prevent injuries.  

  • Is able to sit and/or stand for up to 8.5 hours per day and lift/carry up to 15 pounds.



  • Demonstrates engagement in the production process. Problem solves and actively looks for ways to make improvements to our production process, products, and team environment

  • Works as a team to support daily production and quality goals

  • Effectively communicates questions, ideas, feedback, and concerns

  • Is a good listener and is open to instructions and feedback

  • Has a positive work attitude and demonstrates respect for all team mates.



  • The work week is M-F: 7-3:30PM 

  • Salary is based on experience, cross-training, and ability to meet and exceed team production goals.

  • 99Degrees Custom is an equal opportunity employer.

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