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In 2017, 99Degrees partnered with RSI, a world-class activewear apparel manufacturing and company, in order to bring the perspective of a global service model to our US manufacturing model.


RSI has built a reputation for delivering innovation, reliability, and accountability to its clients and partners, and is a recognized leader in corporate social responsibility in the countries where it operates. It produces over 65 million units a year and employs over 12,000 associates worldwide.

“Brenna’s vision aligns closely to RSI’s strategic direction and we share her values, including social responsibilities to the local community. Her passion, entrepreneurship, and leadership are the key ingredients for a successful company, and together we believe we can offer the industry a new service model, one predicated on speed, innovation, and quality to better service the activewear apparel industry. Furthermore, we are proud to invest in a woman-owned, woman-led business that will have an important impact on skilled job creation in Lawrence and nearby communities.”

- Amy Hsu, CEO of RSI

“I can’t imagine a better partner to help us scale, create meaningful jobs in the Merrimack Valley and make Lawrence Massachusetts a key epicenter of forward-thinking US apparel manufacturing. From the moment I met the RSI team, it was clear that we share the same vision for the industry’s future. We are thrilled to draw on RSI’s unparalleled manufacturing expertise and technical know-how while building a model designed for US manufacturing – one based on speed, innovation, and advanced technologies. RSI is a global company recognized for technical expertise, premium quality and deep commitments to its customers, employees, and communities where it operates.” 

-Brenna Nan Schneider, CEO of 99Degrees 


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