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What types of products do you manufacture? 

99Degrees produces technical performance activewear, sports apparel, workwear and uniforms, medical garments, wearable medical and industrial safety devices, and technology-integrated apparel.

What service models do you offer and what are your MOQs? 

99Degrees offers 3 models to serve a variety of Made in US requests:

  • QUICK-TO-MARKET (QTM): serves global and growth brands looking for agility and responsive Made in USA production to complement their global supply chain.

    • 99Degrees was built for speed. Our Toyota Sewing System modules are engineered for demand-driven production. Each module is able to produce a range of styles within a product family. Modules evolve to ensure that brand partners maintain accurate inventory by style, size, and color. MOQ: Continuous monthly production of 2,500-5,000 units/month per product family 

  • ANNUAL PRODUCTION: serves leading companies and contracts that require seasonal or annual Made in USA, ISO-9001 compliant, Berry compliant, and FDA-compliant production.

    • 99Degrees lines are engineered to deliver premium quality and high-efficiency production. 99Degrees uses automation and custom tooling, a robust Quality Management System, and Design for Manufacturing engineering to provide cost competitive reliable manufacturing. 99Degrees is ISO-9001 compliant and is currently pursuing certification MOQ: 10,000-100,000+ 

  • FLEX MANUFACTURING: serves innovative wearable technology, medical device, and startup companies looking to launch, pilot, and scale production. 

    • 99Degrees loves to work with innovative companies and to help bring innovative products to market. Our flex model is designed to provide iterative scale to innovative new companies, especially those looking to integrate technologies into apparel and soft systems. MOQ: Work is done by SOW until the program scales. There is no MOQ.  


In addition to manufacturing, what services do you offer?

Development: Technical development, patternmaking, grading, 3D design and prototyping, rapid prototyping and sample making, sourcing

Innovation Center: Iterative development, DFM, rapid prototyping and scalable manufacturing for advanced concepts, medical garments, medical and industrial safety devices, and technology-integrated apparel.

Engineering: Design for Manufacturing (DFM) and cost engineering

R&D: Custom tooling and automation solutions

Quality: In-line quality inspection, Quality Management System, quality lab 

What types of fabrics do you work with?

We specialize in working with performance warp and circular knits. We also work with natural fibers, jersey fleece, stretch wovens and technical and performance wovens.

What types of products do you manufacture?

Performance activewear: 

  • Technical tops 

  • Leggings + tights 

  • Sports bras 

  • Running shorts 

  • Mid-Layers 

  • Intimates 


Workwear + Uniforms: 

  • Military and law enforcement uniforms 

  • Polos 

  • Hoodies 

  • Base Layer tops 

  • Base layer bottoms 

  • T-shirts 


Wearable technologies: 

  • Medical garments

  • Medical devices 

  • Industrial safety systems  

  • Wearable technologies included products integrated with sensors, robotics, hardware, electronics, functional textiles

What are your capabilities + machinery:

Sewing: Flatlock, coverstitch, multi-needle, double needle, overlock, single needle, etc.

Cutting: Computerized automated cutting and spreading, laser cutting, CNC 

Embellishment: heat transfers, bonded substrates, pad printing, woven labels, screen printing, dye sublimation, embroidery

Automation + Tooling: CNC, 3D printing.

How does US manufacturing compete with lower labor cost options?

Through our Quick-to-Market model, we help our brand partners increase inventory turns, increase sell-through, reduce markdowns, and prevent out of stock product. Our supply chain solution has been proven to increase our brand partners’ gross margins, despite US labor costs.

Why is Lawrence, MA an ideal location for US apparel manufacturing?                 

We operate a 100 square foot facility in Lawrence, Massachusetts. Lawrence is recognized as the birthplace of the US Industrial Revolution. It is the home of gorgeous repurposed brick textile mills along the Merrimack River and a vibrant multi-ethnic multicultural community. We are 25 miles north of Boston so we benefit from proximity to the region’s innovation ecosystem.

Does 99Degrees have an ESG program and vision for impact?

99Degrees takes our commitment to our team and community seriously. We are third-party audited for social compliance and according to Fair Labor Association standards. We also participate in OSHA’s Voluntary Protection Program and maintain a robust EHS program. To us, this is the minimum bar. Our true impact on our team and community lies in our commitment to diversity at all levels of the company, our investment in training, internal promotion + advancement, and our values-based culture.

What are the 99Degrees core values?

  • Innovation: We pursue technologies that benefit us all. We change, adapt, and learn to capture and execute cutting edge and game changing ideas. We approach challenges with solutions. 

  • Inclusivity: We celebrate diversity as a strength. We ensure that we all have a voice. We foster systemic inclusivity and equal opportunity. 

  • Integrity: We are honest, fair, and principled. We do what is right even when it is difficult.  

  • Quality: We work with purpose to set new standards for our industry, for US manufacturing and for business. 

  • People: We prioritize and invest in family, community, and wellness so that we all may pursue full and happy lives. 

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