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Sample Maker


Based in Lawrence, MA, 99Degrees was founded in 2013 with a vision to transform apparel manufacturing into an advanced manufacturing industry. We are a US contract manufacturer producing technical stretch knit activewear for global and high growth emerging brands. We offer advanced concept, small batch and quick-turn services. We have been recognized with top prizes from MIT’s Inclusive Innovation Competition, MassChallenge and EforAll business accelerators and have been featured by NPR, PRI, MSNBC, and the Boston Globe.



At 99Custom, we value problem solving, continuous learning and improvement, and mutual respect. We are committed to advancement and empowerment at every level of our company. We are proud to be a diverse and multi-lingual, multi-cultural team that brings together apparel expertise from all corners of the globe to advance US manufacturing innovation. We work with an “it’s possible” attitude and a commitment to excellence.

An ideal candidate is goal-oriented, pays attention to quality and detail, is eager to develop new skills and areas of expertise, and works successfully as part of a production team.


99Degrees is hiring a Sample to join our growing team. This position is responsible for reading key construction information including tech packs, graded spec sheets, and bills of materials constructing 100% quality samples from this data.


Our ideal candidate:

  • shares our Future Factory vision

  • is a strong and versatile sewing machine operator, with experience in stretch knits machinery and constructions;

  • has made samples, small batch production and or alterations and has experience sewing in a production environment

  • has an eye for detail, looks for ways to simplify, streamline and improve a product to help us continuously improve quality and reduce production time and complexity.  




  • Reports to 99Degrees’ Product Development Manager to make prototypes, pre-production samples, size runs, and small production runs.

  • Responsible for constructing primarily stretch knits sports apparel using methods of sewing including advanced and technically challenging processes.

  • Constructs, adjusts, and alters samples through the product development process from prototype and fit samples until pre-production sample. Works toward approved samples.

  • Uses a number of machines including single needle, serger/overlock, flatlock, coverstitch, and button hole machines. Able and willing to learn to use machines that are new to you.

  • Executes samples with correct construction in a timely manner.

  • Trouble shoots challenging constructions and recommend best approaches to achieving desired outcomes. 



  • Provides feedback on challenges, documentation inconsistencies, changes, questions, and recommendations to support product improvements and project management targets.

  • Tracks order of operations and times per operation while sample making to help 99Degrees Custom quote accurately and prepare for production. 

  • Reads and follows product tech packs, graded specs and size charts, bills of materials, and construction notes accurately and with attention to detail.

  • Makes basic pattern adjustments and recommendations to improve patterns in preparation for production.

  • Collaborate with team to solve any issues that arise with patterns, samples, and or fabrics and trims.

  • Works with 100% compliance to human resources, health and safety policies & programs.

  • Works with compliance to production and quality standard operating procedures.


  • 5-10 years+ sewing, pattern making, tailoring, and alterations experience.

  • Knowledge of garment construction and product development process.

  • Exceptional communication and collaboration skills in a fast-paced multi lingual environment.

  • Ability to read and write in English in order to understand tech packs and customer construction notes.



  • The work week is M-F: 7-3:30PM 

  • Salary is based on experience, cross-training, and ability to meet and exceed team production goals.

  • 99Degrees Custom is an equal opportunity employer.

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